“Malta’s first terroristic attack” – Archbishop Gonzi

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Minister Evarist Bartolo’s morning post on Friday paid tribute to Karin Grech who was assasinated on the 28th of December of 1977.

Bartolo referred to the declaration of Grech’s murder as being the first terroristic attack that happened in Malta, by the then Archbishop Michael Gonzi.

Karin Grech was murdered after she opened a letter-bomb, which was packed in Christmas wrapping paper, exploded.

Evarist Bartolo asked why her murder remains unsolved. He questions whether the investigations where done properly and also whether there was serious political willingness to solve this murder. He asks whether those who masterminded this murder were too high and close to power. He asks whether those who commissioned and committed the murder are still alive and how no one ever felt the need to spill the beans on the case.

The magisterial inquiry on this murder is still open.

Bartolo adds that this case, which happened 42 years ago, remains heavy on our collective conscience, so heavy that it makes it feel like it took place yesterday.