Malta’s enterprises most avid users of social media in EU

Malta is the country with the most avid users of social media in the European Union. This came out in a report published by Eurostat highlighting that 84% of Malta’s enterprises make use of social media.

The report explains that in 2019, at least half (50%) of the European Union’s enterprises were using at least one type of social media. This means that there was an increase in use since 2014. In 2014, the percentage use was that of 34%.

Malta’s score went up from the previously published report as well. While in 2014, 66% of Malta’s enterprises were using social media, now, that percentage has shot up to 84%.

The statistics show that Malta is then followed by Denmark (75%), The Netherlands (74%), Cyprus (73%), Sweden (72%), Belgium, Ireland and Finland (all 71%). On the other hand, Romania is the EU state whose enterprises make the least use of social media scoring a mere 33%. Romania is followed by Bulgaria (34%), Poland (37%), Hungary (38%), Latvia (41%) and Slovakia (42%).

The highest increase in social media use was reported in Denmark and in Luxemburg. While the lowest increase was seen in Bulgaria.

Did you know that……one in two EU enterprises (51%) use social media ❓ 📳 This share went up by 16 percentage points…

Posted by Eurostat on Tuesday, February 25, 2020