Malta’s €2.5m customs investment ‘bearing fruit’ – Scicluna

Credit: Omar Camilleri

Malta’s record number of drug hauls is thanks to its €2.5 million investment at the Freeport last year, Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna has said.

Minister Scicluna explained that owing to 2018 investment in new scanning equipment and a specialised Canine Unit at the Freeport Terminal, Malta’s Customs authority had been able to ‘intensify operations against smuggling of illegal substances.’

The investment was ‘bearing fruit,’ Scicluna said.

Customs seize €15.7m in cocaine at the Freeport

Customs officials seize €2.7m in cocaine at Freeport

€10.3 million in cocaine seized in 19-hour operation by Customs

These comments were made during a visit by the EU’s Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier to the Freeport Terminal, discussing Malta’s preparations for Brexit.

In addition to discussing the importance of the single market to EU member states, Barnier also praised the Malta’s Customs Department for their efforts in, ‘protecting consumers and businesses from counterfeit goods and thus in strengthening the principles of a single market.’

Credit: Omar Camilleri

On the issue of Brexit, Minister Scicluna explained that the Customs Department was prepared and proactive for what could happen with the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.