Malta worsens position on world corruption rankings since inclusion – index

In the latest rankings published in a global index of perceived levels of corruption, Malta has doubled its position since it was included.

According to the rankings published by Transparency International, Malta currently ranks 51st out of 180 countries. This ranking doubles the country’s 25th position it held when it was first included into the index.

This new position also places the country 5 slots lower than in 2017 (46th place) with a current corruption score of 54 out of 100. A decade ago (2008) Malta had shared the ranking of 36 with Botswana and Puerto Rica.

The methodology used by the index explains that the greater to 100 the country’s corruption assessment sits, the lower the level of perceived corruption.

Compared to the rest of the EU and Western Europe, Malta currently sits below the 66/100 average. This year’s top performing countries were reported to be from Scandinavia; Sweden (85/100 Ranked 3/180), Finland (85/100 Ranked 3/180) and Denmark (88/100 Ranked 1/100).


Below Malta’s ranking were:

Italy (52/100 Ranked 53/180)

Slovakia (50/100 Ranked 57/180)

Croatia (48/100 Ranked 60/180)

Romania (47/100 Ranked 61/180)

Hungary (46/100 Ranked 64/180)

Greece (45/100 Ranked 67/180)

Bulgaria (42/100 Ranked 77/180)