Malta will let in 18 migrants under quarantine

Malta will, by way of exception, let in 18 migrants – pregnant women and children accompanied by one of their parents. They will remain quarantined for two weeks.

Last night Malta coordinated a rescue operation to save 123 migrants who were on board 2 boats. According to government sources, the two boats were in Malta’s SAR zone.

This newsroom was told that the number of migrants transferred on ships outside the Maltese coast had tripled overnight.

The Armed Forces of Malta, AFM, managed to save 45 migrants out of which 39 were men, 3 women and 3 children. From the second boat that was in distress, the AFM rescued there were 78 migrants; 68 male, 5 women, one of them pregnant and 5 children.

According to the government sources, who spoke to, the Maltese Government is requesting another private ship to transfer 105 migrants. They will be provided with food, water and medicine if needed but the children accompanied by a parent and pregnant women, a total of 18 migrants will be brought to Malta.

They will be placed under quarantine at the initial reception centre.

In the meantime, another group of migrants, 57, are still on board the Europa II and another 105 migrants are onboard another Captain Morgan ship.

Also, 79 migrants are on board the MV Marina, outside the coast of Lampedusa.

The only help Malta has received to relocate migrants was from Portugal but can only accept 6 migrants.