Watch:’Malta voiced willingness to redistribute migrants’ – Conte

Malta was mentioned by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte as one of seven countries who intend to redistribute the 47 migrants currently trapped at sea on the rescue boat Sea-Watch 3. ECHR also proposed interim measures, but Sea-Watch say they’re “not enough”.

According to Italian media, the Prime Minister said that five countries “had voiced willingness to redistribute the 47 migrants about the Sea-Watch 3 rescue ship.” The other countries mentioned apart from Malta are Germany, France, Portugal, and Romania. At a Press Conference a day later however, Conte also mentioned that Luxembourg and Italy will also be relocating migrants.

Sea-Watch statement on ECHR ‘interim measures’

Meanwhile, in a statement sent by Sea-Watch it was said that the European Court of Human Rights heard complaints by the crew and the rescued migrants aboard the vessel and imposed interim measures. Sea-Watch meanwhile argues that “interim measures are not enough, a solution is needed”. This after 11 days of what was deemed “the unlawful blockade off Siracusa, Italy”.

Watch: Sea Watch 3 granted refuge in Italian territorial waters

The ECHR held that Italy “take all necessary measures, as soon as possible, to provide all the applicants with adequate medical care, food, water and basic supplies as necessary.” The also added that the 15 unaccompanied minors must also be provided with legal assistance.

In their latest rescue mission, Sea-Watch 3 rescued 47 people from a rubber dinghy off the Libyan coast on January 19th.

The ship’s doctor, Dr. Frank Dörner, pointed out that people have now stopped eating, are shrinking into themselves, and that emotional instability is rampant to the point of needing to use tranquilisers on some of them. “Some people are so traumatized and depressed that we fear suicidal tendencies – we don’t know how much longer we can handle the situation,” said Dr. Dörner.

Meanwhile, the organisation’s Chairman, Johannes Bayer welcomed the ECHR’s ruling, “but this is not enough,” he insisted. “The ECHR demands bread and water. We demand an end to political hostage-taking.”