Malta to have a refunding system for beverage containers on a national scale

The government is concluding an agreement which will allow Malta to have a refunding system for beverage containers on a national scale. The European Commission which approved Malta’s model last December.

This was announced by Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia during a signing ceremony for the final agreement between the Resource Recovery and Recycling Agency, RRRA, and BCRS Malta Ltd, where he explained that the beverage container refund scheme was one of the challenges that Malta took on at the 2017 Ocean Conference, amongst other challenges related to environment protection.

Minister Farrugia said that the agreement could only take place following the conclusion of the regulations of the schemes, which came into force in the month of July.

Last December, the European Commission gave the green light for this scheme to begin operating, including the building of a 4000sqm centre.

RRRA CEO Anthony Rizzo said that it is hoped that this scheme will push producers and consumers to be more responsible, with the aim of introducing additional similar schemes while BCRS Malta Ltd. Chairman, Pierre Fava said that a clearing centre that incorporates best practices observed from other countries, as the building itself includes environmental and innovative aspects, will be built through an investment of €15 million which will also cover the costs of machines and the technology. This will generate around 60 new green jobs.

Minister Farrugia said that this agreement is in line with the direction given by the European Union. The agreement stipulates that as of today, operators need to fulfil a number of obligations within 14 months.

Farrugia also said that the government hopes that this scheme, which by nature will be changing the way we dispose of our beverage containers, encourages the general public to foster a culture of responsibility for the benefit of everyone.