Malta spends less on Research and Development than EU average – Eurostat

Malta’s expenditure on Research and Development (R&D) as a percentage of GDP, remains unchanged since a decade ago.

According to EUROSTAT figures examining the intensity of R&D expenditure among EU members in 2017, Malta expenditure sits at 0.55% of GDP. This percentage has not changed since 2007, despite an almost doubling from €32m in 2007 to €61m in 2017.

This puts the country well below the current EU average of 2.07%, almost 200% greater.

Credit: Eurostat

Across the 28 EU member states, this figure also places Malta third behind Latvia (0.51%) and Romania (0.5%).

Sweden (3.33%), Austria (3.16%), Denmark (3.06%) and Germany (3.02%), all reported increased intensities for R&D expenditure above the EU average.

The one glimmer of hope from the figures shows the Malta has invested more in its R&D for the Higher Education sector, than the EU average over the last decade.

According to the figures, Malta’s investment has grown from 32 to 36% in the sector, compared with 23 and 27%, 2007 – 2017.