Malta should join eight EU countries on climate change – PD

FILE PHOTO: Ocean water is pushed up by the bottom of a pinnacle iceberg as it falls back during a large calving event at the Helheim glacier near Tasiilaq, Greenland, June 22, 2018. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo

Malta should join eight countries in the European Union, in a joint call for 25% of the European Union budget to address the climate problem.

In a statement, PD said that Malta has not said anything about it though admitted that small islands are vulnerable to address the climate change problem.

The leader of the Democratic Party Godfrey Farrugia said he will be talking about it in Parliament the following Monday. Farrugia urged the Prime Minister at the Sibiu summit of European leaders, to sign up to the call for 25% of the EU budget to address climate change. He explained that as a country, Malta must be proactive and save the environment.

The deputy leader and candidate for the Local Council Election in Sliema Timothy Alden, said that Malta signed the Paris agreement and Sustainable Development targets, but as yet not reached a sustainable and circular economy.

He said that the Maltese Government should take the matter more seriously.

PD candidate Camilla Appelgren, said many people were neglecting the danger to their lives of people on behalf of progress. She said that these people are disseminating incorrect information and thus reduces the amount of time to address climate change. She said that with each passing day that it is not addressed, the problem was increasing the price to pay to save the planet.

Fellow MEP candidate Martin Cauchi Inglott, said that PD supports the Europe 2050 strategy, envisaging the continent becoming carbon-neutral. He said that if elected, he will ensure that the issue remains on the European agenda.