Malta second furthest from 2030 climate targets

Malta is currently second to last in Europe, beaten to the bottom by Cyprus, when it comes to the percentage gap to the 2030 Effort sharing target with existing measures according to a report published by the European Environment Agency.

In their ‘Trends and projections in Europe 2018’, the EEA report tracked the progress of EU Member States towards Europe’s climate and energy targets. While only 8 member states have hit the targets, Malta is at -46.5% in terms of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. This is a full 15.3% away from Ireland who is in third place from the last, and only 0.9% less than Cyprus at the bottom.

Gap to 2030 Effort Sharing target with existing measures (in percentage points)

The report also spoke of Malta being the only country to miss every single Emissions target since 2013, and that existing national measures will definitely not be enough to reach the 2020 Effort Sharing targets.

Malta and Ireland “need to rely on additional flexibilities to close their gaps, such as buying AEAs (Annual Emission Allocations) from other Member States.” So far, Malta has been balancing its surplus emissions with Bulgaria, who overachieved its targets, but will need to pay again to keep up.

The island is also one of only four Member States which increased building emissions in the ‘building sector’ since 2005, while also being one of three countries who have increased their emissions by over 50% in the ‘industry and other’ sector. Future projected emissions for the country “remain nearly constant”.

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