Malta registers 0.4% increase in job vacancies

    Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

    Malta registered a 0.4% increase in job vacancy rates in the second quarter of 2019, EUROSTAT reports.

    According to the European Union data aggregator, Malta’s job vacancy rate was equal to the increase registered in Germany.

    By non-seasonally adjusted figures for Q2, Malta recorded an overall increase to 2.9%, above the current European Area and EU28 rates (both 2.3%).

    The Czech Republic recorded the highest increase at 6.2% followed by Belgium and the Netherlands (both 3.4%). Croatia (2.3%) and Slovenia (2.3%) both recorded the highest decrease in vacancy rates (both -0.3%).

    Overall, the Euro Area’s (EA19) rate of 2.3% was a 0.2% increase compared to the same quarter on 2018 (2.1%). Likewise the EU28’s rate of 2.3% was 0.1% up from the same period in 2018 (2.2%).

    The biggest increase was seen in the industry and construction (2.0%) and services sector (2.6%) for the Euro Area. The EU28 recorded a 2.1% increase for the industry and construction sector while services represented 2.6%.