Malta-registered company involved in aviation project in Sardinia

DOI / Clifton Fenech

An Italian owned company based in Malta, Westrade Ltd, will invest more than €8 million in the use of systems like drones and air transport systems of the future in a project known as BAT. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Italian Defense Minister Elisabetta Trento were present for the inauguration of the investment. Westrade Ltd, is a Malta-registered company operating in Sardinia and carries out research in aviation, with particular interest in new navigation systems for the Airbus global aviation development company.

In a statement the Office of the Prime Minister said that Westrade Ltd employs Maltese engineers and other staff from Malta. According to Muscat, the company put Malta’s name to an ‘important’ project which includes partnership to Airbus. Muscat also stressed on the importance of creating synergies with neighboring countries to develop further the aviation sector. The Prime Minister said that Malta intends continuing to expand its aviation sector by considering new niches such as the drone industry and aircraft with automatic piloting.

According to the statement the aviation sector contributes to an estimated 4% of the GDP.