Malta ranks lower than Zimbabwe in Global Gender Gap Index

Malta ranked at the 91st place while Zimbabwe ranked at 47th place in the Global Gender Gap Index by the World Economic Forum issued on 17 December. Malta managed to climb a couple of spots when compared to 106th place in 2016 and 93rd place in 2017. However countries like Colombia, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia fared better than Malta.

The Global Gender Gap Index introduced by the World Economic Forum aims as a framework for capturing the magnitude of gender-based disparities and tracking their progress over time. The report benchmarks 149 countries in the 2018 report, across four thematic dimensions – Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival, and Political Empowerment.

The top four countries in Global countries are in Western Europe, and these are Iceland (1), Norway, (2), Sweden (3) and Finland (4). The results highlight that the Nordic countries continue to lead with regard to gender parity outcomes. The average overall gender gap of Europe stood at 24.2% and it remained the highest performing region in the Index in 2018. Iceland, Norway, Sweden an Finland sustained progress on the Political Empowerment subindex and had a continued strong performance on the Economic Participation and Oportunity index. The three European countries to rank lowest in the Western Europe region were Greece (78), Malta (91) and Cyprus (92).

World Economic Forum

No European country has managed to close its Health and Survival gap. According to the predictions, Western Europe would likely close its economic gender gap in 61 years while the world’s average stands at 108 years.

World Economic Forum

Greece’s increased share of female legislators, senior officials and managers, placing the country at 78. While Malta improved on the previous years since it managed to reduce its gender gap in labour force participation. Cyprus on the other hand has widened its gap among the number of legislators, senior officials and managers.

Malta ranked 106 in economic participation and opportunities and 114 in health and survival,  81 in political empowerment. However the country ranked first in terms of educational attainment.

PN urges Government to address “unjust” situation of women in Malta

Partit Nazzjonalista urged the Government to address the situation of women in Malta which it described as unjust, after the country ranked 91st in the Global Gender Gap.

Shadow Minister for Equal Opportunities Claudette Buttigieg in a statement lambasted the Government’s promises describing them as “empty” and reminding that the Government had described itself as the “most feminist government ever”. Buttigieg said that the facts show otherwise. Buttigieg observed how Malta fell from 87th place (in 2013) to 106th in economic participation, while wage equality for similar work fell by a number of places, from 19 to 48.