Malta Qualifications Database launched

The Malta Qualifications Database has been launched by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education on Wednesday, featuring detailed information on qualifications and awards in Malta.

The Education Ministry explained that the database seeks to be a reliable source of answers to important questions asked by people looking into various study programmes.

The database will make information on accredited programmes in Malta more easily available to prospective students in Malta and overseas, providing them with the right information to make informed choices while assuring them that the programme they are applying to is properly accredited.

The information provided on accredited programmes will be comparable and compatible with that provided by other countries, to help ensure transparency and facilitate the recognition of Maltese qualification broad. The programmes will be level rated and linked to the European Qualifications Framework.

The NCFHE also maintains a Register of Accredited Further and Higher Education Institutions in Malta, and through the development of the Malta Qualifications Database, the NCFHE ensures a functional database compatible with the EU regulations.

The ministry said that the data is of interest for different groups, with students likely primarily interested in the different fields of learning, courses, awards and entry requirements. Employees, meanwhile, may refer to the database in order to further advance their careers concerning their area of specialisation and new career opportunities, while employers can seek to understand the learning outcomes from the courses when providing training for their own employees, or to understand and evaluate the qualifications held by prospective employees.