Malta Producers’ Association says it’s being ignored by Farrugia Portelli

The Malta Producers’ Association (MPA) accused Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli of ignoring its calls for meetings to discuss pressing matters related to the Maltese film sector.

In a statement the MPA said that emails sent to the Minister and the Prime Minister to date remain unanswered and unacknowledged.

“Whilst failing to understand the reason behind such discriminatory and unacceptable treatment, the MPA encourages the Hon. Farrugia Portelli to fulfil her role as a Government Minister and to answer the emails sent and to expediently provide the association with a meeting,” said the association.

“Matters such as COVID-19, the case of discrimination towards film companies by the Film Commissioner and the recently completed yet still undisclosed operational review on his operations need urgent attention. Moroever the continued unexplained delay for the launch of this year’s Film Fund and delays in incentive time-frames are also matters of urgent concern that will have repercussions for our industry if delayed any longer,” the MPA said.

The association said that it is positive and welcoming to note that productions are slowly finding their way back to our islands but that it cannot accept this fact as the solution to the problems that members of the MPA are facing.