Malta Police Force celebrates one year on for Sergeant Schembri


Malta’s Police Force is today marking the one year anniversary since traffic police officer Sergeant Simon Schembri had been dragged underneath a car driven by a 17 year old.

On their Facebook Page, the Police Force has said May 15th 2018, is a ‘day that will forever live in our memories.’

The year which followed has seen Schembri make a recovery which has allowed him to return to active service in the Traffic Division this month.

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“Oh well, it can’t be helped” – the accused in Simon Schembri’s case

He says to readers that, ‘I feel the need to deliver courage in what I do. Never ever give up in life. Where there’s a will there’s way’

The person charged with nearly killing Mr Schembri is a 17 year old named Liam Debono. Debono was awarded bail last September on a deposit of €10,000 and a personal guarantee of €40,000.

According to reports on the incident, Schembri had pulled over the 17 year old over the fact that he was not wearing a seatbelt. Debono chose to leave the scene dragging Schembri with him. The police officer lost his arm and suffered other grievous injuries during the incident which lasted for several metres.