Malta offers protection to 4 new persons everyday


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

In 2017, the Refugee Commissioner’s Office has received 1839 application for international protection, of which 68.7% were accepted immediately, while the rest had their request rejected. This means that nearly four people a day receive protection in Malta.

The applications, which fell by 4.6% over the previous year, were made despite during last year no immigrant boats arrived in Malta. 20 people were brought to Malta by air after being collected from the sea.

Among the applicants one could find some from European nations, such as Macedonia, Turkey and Ukraine. One could also find applications from other countries such as Afghanistan, Armenia, and Venezuela. But two-thirds of the applications were from African nations  with 37.3% being Libyan nationals and 26.8% being citizens from Syria. Of the 68.7% who received a positive response, 39.9% were Libyans and 31.2% were Syrians.

The population in open centres and institutional households grew by 34% compared to the previous year. Most of them are living in Hal Far. 173 have been relocated. This means a 62.5% reduction on the previous year. 19 persons benefited from the Assisted Voluntary Repatriation Program.

These figures were published by the National Statistics Office in celebration of the World Refugee Day.