Malta needs more help from the EU in the transport sector, says Minister Ian Borg

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg discusses transport matters in view of Covid-19 with other EU Transport Ministers

Malta participated in a digital conference call with Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean and the Transport Ministers of the European Union member state countries in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Malta’s Transport Minister, Ian Borg, said in a statement that Malta’s position was for more help from the European Union, as the pandemic has also had an economic impact on the transport sector, and stress was put on the importance of acknowledging the crucial work of all those operating in this sector, whether in sea, air or land transport.

The meeting was also attended by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Christopher Cutajar, and Chief of Staff Mr Julian Tabone.

Minister Ian Borg also stressed that it is thanks to the continuous work of the maritime, aviation and land transport industries that Malta could continue receiving essential cargo such as food, medicine and medical equipment while the country could continue exporting local products.

This meant that Malta’s position was in favour of discussions on a European level towards a clear plan, permitting Maltese operators to continue competing with international ones when the situation goes back to normal.

Transport Minister Ian Borg also emphasised the fact that no country in the world is in the same situation as before COVID-19 struck and it is therefore important that some aspects are discussed in light of new realities, such as the mobility package that was developed in a different economic context.

Ian Borg appealed for a practical, responsible and long-term solutions for the transport sector so that the sector can regain momentum as soon as the world reduces restrictions.

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