Malta needs a police commissioner ‘ready to investigate Konrad Mizzi’

    Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia argued that Malta needed a police commissioner who would be be unafraid to tackle money laundering and corruption – including by launching an investigation into former minister Konrad Mizzi.

    Speaking in Parliament, Delia insisted that thousands of jobs were at stake if Malta failed to appoint a police chief ready to address financial crimes.

    The PN leader noted that Moneyval – a Council of Europe body – had threatened Malta with blacklisting unless it addressed various concerns related to money laundering, and that time was running out to do so. Unless Malta avoided such blacklisting, he argued, many jobs would be lost in sectors such as financial services, IT and gaming.

    Delia pointed out that a court had ordered an investigation into Mizzi, and insisted that the deal granting Vitals – and subsequently Steward Healthcare – three public hospital was manifestly corrupt.

    “Is there any police office officer who does not believe that Konrad Mizzi should be investigated,” he asked.

    Delia made similar arguments on the contract granting the ElectroGas consortium the right to supply Malta with gas supply and electricity, which was also reached under Mizzi’s stewardship.

    The PN leader insisted that the way forward on the appointment on a new police commissioner should have been the method proposed by his party, which would see a prospective police chief require the backing of two-thirds of Parliament.