Malta Motorsport Federation distributes 2500 protective masks to be used during motor sport events

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Motorsport Federation has responded actively to what have been an extraordinary few months for motorsport members and community.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has placed exceptional challenges on sporting activities and sporting lives, as local championships were halted, and travel restrictions has made it difficult for most of our motorsport drivers to train and compete abroad.

The MMF, through the support of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) #RaceAgainstCOVID campaign, has started to distribute a total number of 2500 protective masks among the federation member organisations to be used during motor sport events in order that all our members will be able to help with the containment of the spread and help the island fight the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The MMF has also taken the initiative to request assistance from SportMalta, to consider a reimbursement of the 2020 insurance costs, which covers our members motorsport events, following negotiations with our insurers to review this year’s premium in view of the cancellations of the motorsport events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. MMF is very pleased with what has been achieved with SportMalta and that the yearly funds allocated for Motorsport have been put to good use.

Moreover, since SportMalta has covered also the Personal Accident portion of the driver’s license, the Malta Motorsport Federation has decided to give a credit of €30.00 for the Personal Accident portion to all the drivers who have paid for a National and/or International License issued during 2020. This credit will be redeemable when renewing the licence during 2021 only.

Tonio Cini, MMF President, explained that giving back and caring are a tremendous part of what the Federation and the motorsport community stands for, and the federation is thankful for being able to show its endless appreciation to their members, drivers and the Maltese community in such a meaningful way. The donation of protective masks goes beyond the mere delivery of masks but forms part of the federation’s initiative to deliver hope and help people smile once again after the turbulence is hopefully over and motorsport events commence again hopefully soon.

The MMF shall continue to provide whatever support possible to their members and to society, especially in this moment of need, it said.

This content was supplied by the Malta Motorsport Federation