Malta ranks with the bottom four countries in Europe

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Malta is ranked with the last four countries in Europe in cyber security.

According to the findings by the National Cyber Security Index (NCSI), Malta is doing well in the areas of personal data protection, electronic ID and trust services, protection of essential services and in the fight against cyber crimes.


Paul Rikk told that the Indices are based on 12 various digital aspects which have been divided into three groups. According to Rick, it seems that Malta needs a comprehensive approach to the state-level cyber security coordination, implementation and supervision.

He argued that even though Malta has a cyber security strategy from 2016 it needs to implement this plan. He explained how the information was collected via public sources which might mean that the information at hand may not be complete.

A spokesperson for NCSI told that attempts to contact the relevant Maltese authorities in order to gain more information were in vain.

The NCSI added the information on Malta in May 2018.

France is ranked first, while Kiribati is ranked last.

The NCSI was developed by Estonia’s e-Governance Academy and is a global index which measures the preparedness of countries to prevent cyber threats and manage cyber incidents.