Malta like Juventus, ‘in a league of their own’ – Joseph Muscat

The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that Malta is currently like the Juventus football team, playing in a league of its own. This following the comment that looking at the vast distance between Malta and other EU Member States’ economic figures in Eurostat publications gives him vertigo.

These comments were made during a political activity in Naxxar where the Prime Minister announced that, in the coming days, the Government will be announcing a new investment agreement to the benefit of Malta’s economy and society.

Muscat said that despite “exceptional results” in the economy, what touched him the most this week was the look of joy on the faces of relatives of people with disabilities upon the inauguration of Casa Apap Bologna which was renovated into a respite centre; as well as the joy on parents’ faces when seeing their children graduating.

He said that what gives him most satisfaction is knowing that the Government is making a difference in families’ lives. The Prime Minister added that Labour in Government brought stability in the energy sector, with Maltese people forgetting about electricity and water bills. Meanwhile, families are also benefiting from a raise in pensions and children’s allowance.

He said that this Government changed the direction of Nationalist administrations which caused a number of crises. He said that this week, The Times of Malta reminded him that 25 years ago, the PN in Government had raised electricity and water bills, and then did the same 10 years ago.

Sant asks Muscat to remain Prime Minister

Before the Prime Minister’s speech, former Prime Minister Alfred Sant encouraged the current Premier to remain.

Sant started his intervention by addressing the Prime Minister: “I am presenting myself as a European candidate for the Partit Laburista because the Prime Minister asked me to contest again. I am not encouraging him to stay in his position and continue as Prime Minister.”

Economy Minister Chris Cardona also preempted the former Prime Minister in appealing to Muscat to stay on as Prime Minister.