Malta Intellectual Property Awards 2020 launched

The ‘Malta Intellectual Property Awards’ aimed at encouraging new ideas and the recognition of intellectual property through a €50,000 award fund was launched by the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses as part of the World Intellectual Property Day which will be celebrated on Sunday amongst European member states.

Economy Minister Silvio Schembri said, said in a statement published on Saturday, that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maltese government wants to continue to help individuals and organisations in coming up with innovative, creative and technological ideas that can contribute further to the economy and society.

Schembri explained that ‘Intellectual Property’ refers to all products and works made by the human mind and therefore plays a significant role in our daily lives. Rights accorded by the state in respect of intellectual property such as copyright, patents, trademarks and registered designs provide businesses, artists and inventors with a means to protect products and creations and encourage them to invest in innovation and creativity to the benefit of society.

The Malta Intellectual Property Awards, which is administered by the Commerce Department, are aimed at recognising and promoting the creation of Intellectual Property in Malta.

The Award has four categories:

Award for Creative Initiative

The ‘Award for Creative Initiative’ rewards individuals or enterprises operating in the cultural and creative sectors. The government explained that for the purposes of the ‘Malta Intellectual Property Awards’, submissions in this category shall be in respect of artistic or audio-visual works or a combination thereof.

Award for Scientific Initiative

This award recognises science-based research findings generated by science students, academics and professionals. The initiative could be a new product, a significant improvement of an existing product, a new use of an existing product or a new process.

Award for Technological Initiative

The award requires the development of new and innovative, or step-change improvements, with respect to problem-solving of real commercial or societal challenges. The outcome should be an innovative technological process or an existing solution that is improved radically for application in a novel situation.

Award for Emerging Innovation Initiative

There are two awards under this category; one for those aged between 16 and 30 and another award for the age group 31 and over. The award acknowledges initiative aimed at encouraging projects that are not created by experienced creative, scientific or professional persons, but which nonetheless are still promising and innovative.

Eligible projects for this category must be the work of an individual or entity that is a newcomer to the field.

In the information published by the Ministry for the Economy the winners shall receive €8,000 or €4,000 according to the category they would have participated in.