Malta has the lowest number of babies born in EU Shevtsova

4,319 babies were born in Malta in 2017 while 770,045 babies were born in France for the same year. The number stands at 5.075 million babies born in the European Union for the same year. This emerged for the data compiled by Eurostat which shows that Malta has one the lowest fertility rate in Europe.

The findings were published by Eurostat on Tuesday for the year 2017.

Malta’s fertility rate stands at 1.26 births per woman while in France the highest rate of 1.9 babies was registered per woman. France is followed by Sweden (1.78), Ireland (1.77), Denmark (1.75), and the United Kingdom (1.74). On the lower side of the scale, one finds Spain (1.31), Italy and Cyprus (both 1.32), Greece (1.35), Portugal (1.38) and Luxembourg (1.39).

In total 4,319 babies were born in Malta in 2017, 52.9% of which were first child to their mothers, 33.6% were second children, 9.5% were third child and 4.0 were fourth or subsequent child.

5.075 million babies were born in the European Union in 2017, compared with 5.148 million in 2016. Out of which 45% were a first child, 36% a second child, 19% a third or subsequent child.

The total fertility rate in the EU stood at 1.59 births per woman in 2017 while in 2016 the rate stood at 1.60. The highest total fertility rate since the start of comparable time series was in 2010 when it reached 1.62. The replacement level is considered to be 2.1 live births per woman.

First time mothers 

In Malta, 2,283 first born children were recorded with 5.3% were first children born to women under the age of 20 in 2017. 48.8% were born to women aged between 20-29, 44.2% were born to women aged between 30-39, while 1.6% were born to women aged 40 and over.

Almost 5% of births of first children in the EU were to women aged less than 20 years old. The highest shares of births to teenage mothers were recorded in Romania (13.9%), Bulgaria (13.8%), Hungary (9.9%), Slovakia (9.5%), Latvia (6.7%), and the United Kingdom (6.1%).