Malta has second largest drop in retail trade compared to EU28

Malta is registered to have one of the largest annual decreases in total retail trade volume across the 28 European Member states.

According to figures from Eurostat showing the annual comparison of retail trade by Member States, Malta registers a decrease at -1.9%. This places it second, just behind Germany with -2.2% and Sweden at -1.6%, in third place.

In comparison to the EU28 average, Malta is 0.3% (107.9) greater in overall retail trade in the period than the EU (107.6)

The biggest yearly increases across the December 2017 – December 2018 period were found with Slovenia +11.2%, Ireland +7.5% and Poland +4.9%.

Eurostat also found that in terms of the deflated turnover indices for total retail trade, Malta has shown a 5.5% increase in 2018 (126.6) since 2015 (121.1).