Malta Dairy Products will keep the milk coming


The Malta Dairy Products Ltd. (MDP) has assured its clients that it will continue to supply milk and milk products in the coming days in spite of the disruptions caused by the spread of COVID-19. In a statement, the MDP which is part of the KPH Group Ltd., said that it is concerned for any disturbances that the Covid-19 crisis may be causing its clients:

Fully Committed

“Whilst we appreciate that many of our products are running out fast due to increased demand, we would like to reassure our valued customers that during these difficult times our dedicated employees are fully committed and working around the clock, to ensure the extra demand of supplies are being met. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our many Herdsman for the daily supply of milk which allows us to produce a whole range of readily available fresh produce, proudly packed as ‘Benna’.

In Malta since 1938

“Fresh pasteurised milk has been delivered throughout Malta since 1938. Being the core of our Cooperative, MDP is dedicated in providing our customers with a continuous supply of fresh healthy products. Throughout these troublesome times, we take pride in supporting our community and gladly donate our fresh produce to those dedicating their skills and services for the benefit of others, including the healthcare professionals at the Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Directorate, the National Blood Transfusion Unit, and the Ministry for Health.

Your daily dose of freshness

“Over these years we have faced many crisis situations and, on every occasion, thanks to our customers and our people, we have continued to grow. On behalf of everyone from MDP and KPH Group, we thank you for your continued loyalty. We are well prepared to face these challenging times ahead and we are working hard to ensure a continuous supply of your favourite fresh Benna product and make sure it remains on your table daily”.

Malta Dairy Products Ltd. is a subsidiary of KPH Group Ltd., a Cooperative that brings together local dairy herdsmen and has been providing fresh milk and other milk-derived products to the local community since 1938.