Malta cooperating fully with Spain over tuna investigation – Police

The Maltese Police Force has clarified that the Economic Crimes Squad has been cooperating fully with the Spanish Authorities, contrary to media reports.

The clarification comes in light of media reports regarding the Maltese police investigations into the Director General of Fisheries, which stated that sourced had informed Maltese media that Malta and Spain were not cooperating in the investigation.

The Police clarify that they had been working with the Spanish authorities immediately after opening their own investigation into a tuna racket in October and the involvement of the Director General of Fisheries. They also state that Europol has been assisting.

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They add that all information gathered during their investigation had been handed over to the Spanish Guardia Civil through Europol channels.

They state that no further details can be provided at the time given that the Magisterial Inquiry is on-going.