Malta Chamber urges Economy Minister to identify specific price-abuse cases

The Chamber says it was first to call on businesses to practice the highest standard in market-pricing

Photo by: Unsplash

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry stated that it was the very first to raise the issue of price-abuse on the 10th March when it issued a media statement calling on all businesses to practice the highest ethical standards, when it comes to market-pricing, especially on necessary items during these challenging ties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Malta Chamber has issued this statement in reference to claims made by Economy Minister Silvio Schembri about the alleged cases of price-abuse and appealed to Minister Schembri to identify specific cases so that the Chamber can offer support as it remains available to assist the MCCAA on any complaint made, stated the Malta Chamber.

The Malta Chamber explained how in March it has encouraged operators in the supply chain to act responsibly.

In its statement, the Malta Chamber emphasized that it does not have any legal jurisdiction on pricing as it is not a Government Authority and has no regulatory role of any kind and it was out of a sense of social responsibility it has been vociferous in encouraging businesses to act ethically.

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