Malta Chamber rebrands but keeps classical references

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has rebranded, with winged Hermes remaining as its main image. Updated to a graphical representation of this Greek deity of, among other things, commerce and trade, the logo has taken on various orange hues set on a dark blue background.

The president of the Malta Chamber Perit David Xuereb said that the re-branding exercise will still be upholding this major constituted body’s ‘ethos of innovation’. Addressing the Annual General Meeting virtually, Perit Xuereb stated that the Chamber is embracing a transformation in order to remain progressive and forward-looking. He noted that this is following 170 years of the organisation being the leading voice of Malta’s business community.

“Driven by a renewed sense of purpose, and under the banner of a new identity, we shall continue to boldly influence policy, and foster a resilient enterprise culture, safeguarding Malta’s prosperity in respect of the values of our population while set within a global socio-economic landscape” Perit Xuereb concluded.