Malta Chamber launches call for service providers to support businesses

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has launched a call for Service Providers to support businesses who want to take advantage of Malta Enterprise’s ‘Business re-engineering and transformation scheme’ which was launched last week.

In a statement published on Thursday, the Malta Chamber explained that following evaluation and approval, interested service providers shall be included in a Recommended List which is being compiled by The Malta Chamber, to serve as Consultants for both the Business Re- Engineering & Transformation Scheme in the case of SMEs and other Schemes in the case of Larger Enterprises.

The Malta Chamber has been entrusted with this task by Malta Enterprise.

It was also explained that both members and non-members of the Chamber may apply to be on the list of Service Providers until end of business of the 9th December 2020.

By being on this recommended list, clients of such service providers applying for the business reengineering scheme will be fast-tracked in their application, as the due diligence process of the Service provider would have been carried out by the Chamber.

In May 2020, the Malta Chamber proposed a Business Re-Engineering & Transformation Scheme as a measure ahead of the June 2020 Economic Recovery Plan. The aim was to support companies hard hit by COVID-19, to benefit from the opportunity to ‘stop and think’ and engage in a detailed analysis of their current business operations and services and re-think, re-structure, re-invest and hence re-engineer their business objectives through a number of actions derived from this very important process.

The Malta Chamber said that this exercise leading to a professional business plan would help businesses leverage their entrepreneurial talent as well as their resources and assets to adapt and possibly turn this COVID-19 period into a true opportunity for improvement and growth.

The Malta Chamber President, Perit David Xuereb said that it is those businesses that are agile and most likely to change and adapt that will survive the pandemic and identify new opportunities for sustainable business development and growth.

“Seeking new energies and business strengths within any organisation will ensure a sustainable response to unexpected shortcomings and changes as well as all other challenges during the life of the said businesses. The more agile a business is, the greater the chances of intelligent response that will lead to economic recovery and growth”, said Xuereb.