“Malta being led with senseless optimism” – AD, PD

This follows the recent increase of active COVID-19 cases

“The country’s leadership style has a dangerous and irresponsible common thread running through it –that of adopting a position of senseless optimism hoping to make all bad things go away”, stated Alternattiva Demokratika (AD) and Partit Demokratiku (PD).

This was being made in reference to the recent increase of active COVID-19 cases in Malta, following the reduction of restrictions, such as reopening the airport and no limitations on mass gathering.

In a statement, the Parties insisted that the many consistent warnings of clear and present danger by the medical profession about the need for sustained measures by the public have not been heeded, resulting in a new wave of transmissions.

According to the political parties, the permitting of mass gatherings during the last couple of weeks has sent out the wrong message and risks further damage to the economy. They added that the Prime Minister “was all smiles when he brought home a handsome EU financial package a few days ago.” 

AD and PD strongly appeal to the Prime Minister to roll up his sleeves and steer this country into safe waters, rather than to plod along into a raging social and economic storm.