Malta.AI Taskforce launch public consultation

The Malta.AI Taskforce, which has been commissioned by the Maltese Government to draft Malta’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) National Strategy, is launching a public consultation on its proposed ethical AI Framework document.

‘Malta Towards Trustworthy AI’ is seeking public feedback on guiding AI principles and trustworthy AI requirements as set out in the mentioned document.  The purpose of the Malta Ethical AI Framework is to establish a set of guiding principles and trusted AI governance and control practices that can serve as the foundation for the design and implementation of these broader constructs.

The Malta Ethical AI Framework is believed to have been developed based on these 4 objectives:

  • A human-centric approach;
  • Respect for all the applicable laws and regulations, human rights and democratic values;
  • Maximise the benefits of AI systems while preventing and minimising their risks;
  • Aligned with emerging international standards and norms around AI ethics.

Parliamentary Secretary for Digital Economy Silvio Schembri is encouraging the public to provide its feedback and recommendations, which will help in establishing Malta’s Framework on ethical and trustworthy AI.

“It is through these solid foundations, which will eventually lead us to the certification of AI-related projects. The Malta.AI Taskforce has been doing sterling work in its task of drafting Malta’s National AI Strategy aimed at putting Malta amongst the 10 nations in the world to have a strategy likely to impact every sector we know today”, said Schembri.