Make the change truly real – Evarist Bartolo

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Minister for Education Evarist Bartolo’s morning missive on Facebook once again re-iterated the need for a real change. Bartolo acknowledged once again that the people are angry and hurt because they feel that they are losing what they struggled hard to achieve. “They are angry and hurt because they feel that the party and the country did not deserve all this. I hope that we really turn over a new leaf and we will have a new day where the sun warms and gives strength to all” wrote Bartolo.

Bartolo said that families want a peaceful Christmas and a serene new year. He said that they want to see a Labour government taking steps to reduce the tension, restore peace of mind and bring back normality. “It is now imperative that we do not have a change that leaves everything as is,” wrote Bartolo. To be effective, wrote the minister, the change must happen everywhere, including in the organisations and institutions of government. There has to be a new approach to how people are employed and contracts awarded. There should even, wrote Bartolo, be a minister as a change agent. “Let’s look at countries whose systems of ‘checks and balances’ really work. This has to be a silent revolution, without jolts to the economy. The creation and equitable distribution of wealth must continue” wrote Bartolo.