Top ranking PN activists’ appeal to party council: call leadership election before it is too late

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Top ranking PN’s activists for change who believe that embattled party leader Adrian Delia should step aside are appealing to the party’s counsellors to pave the way for a fresh leadership election, insisting that it was crucial to act before it was too late.

In line with a compromise hammered out during last Thursday’s PN executive committee meeting, the party’s general council will convene on the 31 July to decide on the course of action to be followed. Earlier this month, Delia had lost two votes of confidence, among his parliamentary group and among the members of the executive committee.

The council will need to decide between two options, which will both see the party call a general conference in which its paid-up members (tesserati) will be invited to vote. Delia’s preferred option is for the members to hold a vote of confidence in him, but those opposed to him – including the majority of PN MPs – believe that a proper leadership election should be held.

‘Time is not on our side’

The activists said that the party was at a cross roads, but that there was a way forward that would lead to a newly-restored party.

“The question at this stage is whether we are able to recognize which road is the best one for the party before it is too late,” they added.

The activists argued that the party could not afford to wait for two years – the next general election should be held not later than 2022 – to recognise that something was not right, “especially when the problems we are facing are staring us in the face and are becoming bigger and bigger.”

They highlighted the loss of PN’s third seat at the European Parliament, and its trouncing in the local elections, with the party left in control of just 19 of 68 local councils.

“Possibly the biggest wake up call of all is the fact that this is happening at a time when the country is being run by a Government which has been captured by criminal gangs and corruption. In this scenario we should be sprinting ahead at the polls and not lagging behind at such a distance with an ever-widening gap,” they emphasised.

‘Evident’ that strong line-up of candidates would come forward

The activists also noted that a recent survey showed that three quarters of the general counsellors have lost all hope for the next election, stating that it was frightening for the “beating heart of the party,” to feel this way.

“If we do not take action now then the damage that we will suffer at the next election will be soul crushing. We are running out of time and need to act quickly and with determination and courage to pull the party away from this devastating fate,” they said.

The activists highlighted that Delia has announced his intention to contest should a leadership election be held, but pointed out that others have also shown an interest. Consequently, they said, it was evident that there would be a “strong line up of very valid candidates that are ready to serve and unite the party behind them.”

Concluding, they emphasised that the council had an important choice ahead, and insisted that they would be able to look back with satisfaction if they recognised the importance of this vote for the party’s future.

“We all love the PN which has always been at the forefront of all great achievements in Malta and Gozo. Let us walk down this road together with the strength and courage to reignite our party and once again belong to a party we all deserve,” the activists concluded.