Arrest linked to Sliema double murder made in Floriana raid

Updated 07:45 PM

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A man believed to be involved in the double murder carried out in Sliema last week has been arrested in a police raid in Floriana.

Footage captured by eyewitnesses appears to suggest that shots were fired during the operation. The footage shows a police officer with his gun drawn, who ducks behind a police vehicle for cover as the shots are heard.

The getaway vehicle used in the murder of Christian Pandolfino and Ivor Maciejowski was found in the multi-storey carpark next to St Luke’s Hospital yesterday, and the discovery appears to have helped the police in their investigations. The car had been reported stolen two years ago, and it was bearing number plates stolen recently from another vehicle.

Pandolfino, a 58-year-old doctor turned investment banker and Maciejowski, a 30-year-old British national and art dealer, had been killed in their home on Locker Street, Sliema on 18 August. The aggressors are believed to have spent just four minutes inside the house, firing six shots in the process.

Prime Minister Robert Abela took to Twitter to congratulate the officers involved in the raid, stating that their breakthrough proved that the police force is made of “hard-working officers who strive to serve and protect our people.”