Mahatma Gandhi’s gold-plated glasses sold for nearly €300,000

Photo: Facebook

Mahatma Gandhi’s pair of round gold-plated glasses were sold for £260,000 at an auction in Bristol, United Kingdom. Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian lawyer who led the campaign for India’s independence from British rule. He also inspired movements for freedom across the world.

The auction was live-streamed on Friday and the initial price was between €11,000 and €17,000.

According to East Bristol Auctions, the pair of glasses was found about a month ago in their mailbox an it was left there by a man whose uncle had been given the glasses by Gandhi himself.

The auction house said that Gandhi often gave his old or unwanted pairs to people in need or to those who had helped him.

The pair which was sold for neraly €300,000 date back to the 1920s.