Magħtab farmers suggest alternative sites for new waste facilities

A group of Magħtab farmers presented the government with a list of sites which, they argue, could host the planned waste treatment facilities at Magħtab whilst preventing the loss of agricultural land.

Area farmers had protested the plans last February, joined by PN district MPs Edwin Vassallo and Robert Cutajar joining them. Subsequently, the authorities went back to the drawing board, revising the plans to reduce the take-up of land by around 70%, from 279,000 to 82,000 square metres.

Vassallo and Cutajar still insisted that a better solution could be found in subsequent parliamentary sittings. Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia, however, argued that this did not appear to be the case, urging those who believed it was possible to present their proposals.

A group of farmers came through, and Vassallo presented their proposals in Parliament this afternoon.