Luggage left on board causes Gozo Ferry boat U-turn

Miguela Xuereb

A Gozo Channel ferry made its way back after carelessly leaving a luggage trolley on board the 4am ferry on Sunday 15th September.

Employees confirmed with that this was a careless mistake, a result of lack of attention of the officer on duty during the night shift between Saturday and Sunday. An employee told that the officer had almost finished his shift and forgot to give orders for the contractor workers to take down the luggage trolley. The tourists blamed it on the next officer on duty and complained of the resulted tardiness.

The luggage belonged to a group of tourists who commuted from Imġarr to Ċirkewwa with the 3.30am ferry to then continue their journey to the Malta International Airport to Australia.

Another source told that the company had received complaints about the contractor works a long time ago. He explained that the situation had got worse when dock workers fell under the contractor. He also said, however that the workers do not all cooperate. attempted to contact the Chairman of the Gozo Channel, Joe Cordina who is also the Labour Mayor of the Xagħra Local Council.

On Monday, the newsroom sent these questions to the Gozo Channel:

  1. Do you confirm that the ferry left from Ċirkewwa and returned that same night?
  2. If so, what was the reason for the ferry returning to Ċirkewwa, as opposed to continuing its trip to Gozo?

These questions were not answered. The Chairman was contacted through a telephone call but he hung up when he was told that it was who wished to speak with him.