LSEs for kindergarten level from next scholastic year

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The LSE (Learning Support Educators) Class Support system will be introduced at Kindergarten level from the next scholastic year. This initiative forms part of the sectorial agreement of 2017 aiming to increase the support provided so that students can express their individual educational potential.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Education said this to She also said that there are enough LSEs for the demand including those children that would need full-time one-to-one attention. The spokesperson explained that LSEs that resign from their jobs in the middle of the scholastic year are replaced by other LSEs.

She further elaborated that in order to become and LSE, one needs to be in possession of four ‘O’ levels which should include Mathematics, Maltese, and English as well as an ‘A’ level, and that diplomas and courses will also be considered.


Training to become and LSE includes a mandatory course over a number of weeks and a practice placement period for six weeks.

Additional training will then lead to the Diploma and the First Degree in Inclusion. Continuous training is then provided by Education Institute for both the LSEs as well as the other educators that apply.

The training also focuses on different strategies on how educators can provide support on the education, shortcomings and the disability in itself.