Louis Galea sets wheels in motion for new PN leadership

In a strongly worded letter, reform guru and PN grandee Louis Galea said that he will ask the President of the PN Executive Committee, Alex Perici Calascione, to make sure that the PN Executive takes all measures to form a new leadership team. Louis Galea gave his views to the PN Leader Adrian Delia in a letter where he explained that, in such a scenario, the only hope for the PN and a strong Opposition is a new leadership team which must adopt the much-needed measures and proposals to reform the PN.

In his letter, Louis Galea said that during the past months he worked prudently and had deliberately refused to give comments to the media or in public about his work and that he did this only in the interest of the Nationalist party.

Galea stated that the country desperately needs an effective Opposition built on credibility.

In his letter to Adrian Delia, Louis Galea wrote that, as expected, the public opinion survey published last Sunday showed the urgent need for the PN to take immediate action. He also mentioned how Wednesday’s parliamentary group meeting and the recent happenings continue to show that the PN needs to act now.

“When I look back, I see how, during the last two months, there were different occasions where the party was faced with resistance and ambivalence to proposals that could have eliminated differences between the Party and factions within the party”- said Louis Galea.

Galea also said how he had warned Adrian Delia and PN Secretary General Clyde Puli they will continue facing difficult situations which will make their situation even worse.