Louis Galea denies wanting to take Delia’s role

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

PN’s veteran politician Louis Galea has categorically denied wanting to take Adrian Delia’s role and therefore act as an interim PN leader. In a press statement Galea, who is currently responsible for implementing party reforms has also categorically denied he was approached to consider being an interim PN leader.

Louis Galea issued this statement following allegations made in an article published by the General Worker’s Union news portal, iNews.

Galea described the report as a myth. He explained that no PN MP has approached him to consider assuming Delia’s role.

Louis Galea stated that in July 2019 when he accepted the role offered to him by Adrian Delia to work on a reform process within the PN he explained to Adrian Delia he had no intention in accepting any role in the PN leadership. “I only want to help in reforming the party as a service towards leader Adrian Delia and the PN.”- stated Galea.