Looking for a reliable re-labelling service?

This company will set your mind at ease.

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Are you in need of re-labelling of products for offers, language and nutrition/ingredients, shrink-packing and re-packaging? Looking to up your promotional campaign game?

If the answer is a resounding yes, Transporter Logistics is the company for you.

Transporter Logistics was established in 2014 offering delivery services specialising in temperature control products and offering ambient deliveries.

Due to the demand of their clients, they also started offering the service of their drivers and helpers on a day-to-day basis, as well as expanding their services in the labelling sector.

The company can label pretty much any product, including tins, bottles, sachets, boxes, bags, tubs and more.

Transporter Ltd is currently offering a 10% discount for the first job to any new clients mentioning this Newsbook.com.mt article.

You may contact Transporter Logistics via their Facebook Page, tel. no: 79477835 or email: admin@transporter.com.mt.

This content was supplied by Transporter Logistics