Local projects win a total of €91,000 in funding as well as non-financial support through the Malta Social Impact Awards

€91,000 in grants as well as additional non-financial support have been awarded to local change-makers at the finals of the 2018 Malta Social Impact Awards. On the 15th of November, the six finalists pitched their innovative social projects to a panel of judges and an audience, clearly demonstrating their projects’ feasibility, sustainability and social impact.

In 1st place, Growing Generations Together was awarded €44,000, while in second place, Step Up For Parkinson’s was awarded €24,000 and in third place, Blooming Minds was awarded €17,000.

The audience was also given the opportunity to vote for one of the projects through the Audience Participation Award, with Growing Generations Together proving to be the audience’s favourite choice. 100% of the ticket donations, which amounted to a total of €6,000, was awarded to this project. All the three winning projects have also been awarded pro bono mentoring and advisory services.

The financial awards for this year’s event were sponsored by the Gasan Foundation, Inspirasia Foundation, Sigma, MeDirect, Remax and Betsson Group, while the non-financial awards were sponsored by Vistage, WH Partners, Firstbridge, PwC and Zaar. Launched by the Gasan Foundation and Inspirasia Foundation in 2016, the Malta Social Impact Awards is an initiative that aims to create opportunities for change-makers, while inspiring others to give and to give well. By bringing business and philanthropy together, MSIA supports local projects that have a positive social impact on Malta and helps social purpose organisations grow into stronger entities.

All shortlisted applicants are mentored in preparation for the semi-finals and the finals of the Malta Social Impact Awards, while the winners are awarded financial and further non-financial support. Through its previous two editions, MSIA has supported 7 local projects that have cumulatively impacted the lives of over 1,000 individuals in Malta. This year’s Awards brings the total amount of support given out to winners since 2016, to over €350,000.

During the 2018 finals, the Malta Social Impact Awards announced next year’s launch of a new initiative – the Academy of Givers – which will bring together like-minded people involved in supporting good causes that have a positive social impact. By creating a platform where members can understand social issues, discuss ideas and learn from each other, the Academy will aim to recognise those making a difference, promote high-impact giving and also inspire others to give and to give well. “The donors and the people who sponsored and supported this initiative created the fuel for the change-makers to make a change. Today we lit three fires. We created impact. Tomorrow we are going
to light 100 fires,” Mark Weingard, Founder of Inspirasia Foundation, announcing the Academy of Givers at the 2018 Malta Social Impact Awards.

Applications for participation in the 2019 event will open in February. For more information or if you wish to join MSIA as a participant, a supporter, a mentor or as part of the Academy of Givers, contact the Malta Social Impact Awards on info@siamalta.org or visit www.siamalta.org.

Winning Projects

1st Place
Project: Growing Generations Together
Submitted by: Ċentru Tbexbix
Awarded: €44,000 grant
€6,000 through Audience Participation Award
Pro bono mentoring and advisory services
Growing Generations Together is an intergenerational community project at Ċentru Tbexbix providing
educational and social activities to children, young people and the elderly in Cottonera. The project
aims to help people across generations rise to their full potential, live a better life and, as a community,
walk together with their heads held high.
Email: tbexbix@gmail.com
Website: www.tbexbix.org

2nd Place
Project: Step Up for Parkinson’s
Submitted by: Step Up for Parkinson’s
Awarded: €24,000 grant
Pro bono mentoring and advisory services
Step up for Parkinson’s is a voluntary organisation that offers free specialised movement classes for people with Parkinson’s disease (PWPs) and their caregivers/partners. International research programmes – particularly over the last decade – have indicated that PWPs’ symptoms benefit greatly from regular dance classes. The project aims to generate definitive clinical evidence regarding the benefits of dance classes for PWPs and their caretakers, increase the number of participants that can benefit from regular, twice weekly sessions and create a sustainable entity that can continue to provide services year-on-year going forward.
Email: info@stepupforparkinsons.com
Website : www.stepupforparkinsons.com

3rd Place
Project: Blooming Minds
Submitted by: BirdLife Malta
Awarded: €17,000 grant
Pro bono mentoring and advisory services BirdLife Malta, in collaboration with Richmond Foundation, will develop and implement an inclusive ecotherapy programme of outdoor sessions in nature that enhances mental well-being and environmental values. Blooming Minds will create opportunities for people to spend time in nature, enjoy its therapeutic effect and improve mental health.
Email: info@birdlifemalta.org
Website : www.birdlifemalta.org