Local photographer captures stunning image of moon over windmill

Photo credit: Daniel Cilia

Local photographer Daniel Cilia is well-known for his gorgeous landscapes of Malta and Gozo.

A couple of nights ago, he was returning from Gozo after he had photographed the scaled-down feast pilgrimage in Għarb.

“I noticed the moon rising behind the parish church of Mellieħa as I was passing by. I quickly parked the car, got my long lens (a 200 mm lens attached to a teleconverter making it a 400 mm telephoto lens) and my tripod and walked into the fields next to the beginning of the Mellieħa bypass.

Unfortunately, once Cilia got the moon precisely behind the right belltower, he noticed that in the foreground there was the remains of the metal tower of a field water windmill without its blades. This completely ruined the photo composition, he said.

“However, as I was about to give up on the photo, I realised that if I moved to the right and waited for a couple of minutes the moon would pass behind the top of the tower. Instead of the wind blades, I would have the full moon. This is a good example of how an element which could have ruined a photo was turned into an asset resulting in what I think a better photo!”