Local guide dog Macy reaches retirement

His last day as a guide dog was spent helping her owner Joseph Stafrace at his graduation.

Macy has been working as a guide dog in Malta for 11 years, but the time has come for him to get some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

“I encourage blind people to never give up and to love life.”

Writing under the guise of the dog, Macy’s owner Joseph Stafrace said that in 11 years as a guide dog:

“I travelled a great deal and saw a lot of different places. I was born In Ireland, in 2006 , then I went to Slovakia for training. I arrived in Malta on Sunday, the 2nd January at 8pm and I met with my owner, Joseph, at the airport. The first place I started training was at university with Joseph, Ivana and Ms Rita Criminale. It was not always easy being a guide dog, but it has been a great experience. Today, on my last day, I am helping my owner graduate at the University of Malta. I wish to thank MGDF for the opportunity they gave me to help Mr Joseph Stafrace. I encourage blind people to never give up and to love life.”

Mr Stafrace is the founder of the Service Dogs Malta Foundation.

For more information, check out the Malta Guide Dogs Foundation’s website.

Macy, may you have a happy retirement!