Local family recreates famous paintings with amazing results

Keeping the children occupied while home from school during COVID-19 times has prompted many parents to become more creative.

The internet is full of wonderful paintings, crafts and even food which parents and children have made together.

However, the Theuma family – mum Victoria, children Matteo, Julia and Andre – have really gone the extra length to create something truly fantastic by recreating scenes from famous works of art.

And even Sparta the dog got a look in!

“I had seen pictures of people around the world recreating famous paintings during quarantine and was tempted to try it out,” Victoria told Newsbook.com.mt, “Then one of the Malta Girl Guides challenges (my youngest is a dolphin guide) turned out to be just that. So I chose some of my favourite images that I thought we’d be able to recreate, making sure there was one all three could be in. We also included one with our dog Sparta, which the kids found hilarious.”

Victoria, who is an English and Art teacher by profession, said that they all had a great time with this since the children love playing dress up. Julia loved her Frida look, Matteo enjoyed being the head on a plate, Andre screamed his lungs out… and Sparta had a peanut butter surprise inside the cone.

“Before taking the photos we watched videos about the life and works of Frida Kahlo, Edvard Munch and Van Gogh, even though we didn’t recreate any of his works,” Victoria said.

Perhaps the Starry Night or Sunflowers is next on the agenda for this super-creative family?

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