Local Councils: PL discards its own promises – PN


The Nationalist Party has said that a few weeks ago the Partit Laburista rejected its own proposals on Local Councils.

During a press conference, PN’s Deputy Leader David Agius, Local Council spokesperson Robert Cutajar and President of the College of Counselors Pierre Portelli, stressed that Local Councils are not “the government super favorites”.

David Agius said that the Partit Laburista had built a lot of expectations around its manifest. He added that instead, the proposed mountain gave birth to a mouse.

Cutajar listed all of the Opposition proposals which he said the Government has declined and had now made a U-turn on to include their own manifesto. He also listed the initiatives which already exist and others that were removed by the Labour Government.

Pierre Portelli said that the Partit Nazzjonalista has always believed in the principle of subsidiarity and with the electoral programs for each locality in Malta and Gozo being positive and proactive. He said that these manifestos include more than 2,000 proposals.

Local council candidates for Naxxar and Iklin Mary Anne Cuomo and Yvonne Bartolo were also at the press conference.