Local Councils launch a community support platform

The Local Councils Association in partnership with the 68 local councils has launched an online support platform aimed at helping residents, organisations and the business community.

The community support platform, YouSafe, was created in view of the fast developments related to the Covid-19 pandemic. On Wednesday the total number of confirmed cases in Malta went up to 129 after 19 individuals tested positive for coronavirus.

The platform consists of 68 Facebook groups which are managed and moderated independently by their respective local council team that are linked with the YouSafe Facebook page.

“YouSafe will create a dialogue between the Council and its residents, will energise the business community, NGOs, civil society networks and individuals around particular ideas, initiatives and solution, to support communities to help each other.”

The platform will enable the local councils team to keep in contact with their community at all times during the crisis.

“It will ensure that our elderly are not forgotten, our neighbours are safe, and that our communities stay in good health. It will involve residents in quick decisions for the good of their communities.”

During the last four days of testing, 30,000 members joined their respective local community group, the association said.

President of the Malta Local Councils’ Association Mario Fava said that the feedback they have received so far was positive. ‘Beyond this current crisis, we are hoping that this platform will pave the way for a new improved means of communication between the local council and the community,’ Fava said.

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