Local council meetings to be held online

Local council meetings will be held online after a new digital platform was introduced on Wednesday.

In a statement the Ministry for Local Government said that this was made possible following a joint effort by the Department of Local Government and MITA. A digital platform was introduced on Wednesday which will host local government meetings online.

The coronavirus outbreak in Malta has disrupted daily life as people are urged to remain home as much as possible. Schools, educational institutions, restaurants and shops offering non-essential services have been closed down until further notice. Such measures have been taken in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.

In a statement the Ministry said that local councils will be able to carry out their meetings without the need for direct contact between them.

The introduction of the digital platform is one of a series of measures and actions which are being implemented to safeguard the health of workers, councillors and the general public, the Ministry said.

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