Local Council elections: PL wins Valletta and St Paul’s Bay, PL 16 – PN 7

Miguela Xuereb

After Wednesday’s results the Labour Party has managed to hold on to 14 localities in Malta and Gozo while causing upset for the Nationalists by winning St Paul’s Bay and Valletta. This brings their total to 16.

The Nationalists on the other hand managed to hold 7 of its original local council seats.

This is just the first day of the Local Council Elections with two more days to go until all of Malta and Gozo’s Councils are decided.


Haz-Zebbug – LABOUR HOLD

4 PL – 3 PN – 1 IND

PL; Malcolm Paul Galea (Mayor), Mark Camilleri, Clive Azzopardi, Patrick Bonnici, PN; George Cortis, Kevin Glynn, David Battistino

IND – Steve Zammit Lupi (Indipendenti)


PL; David Michael Schembri (mayor), Patrick Bugeja, Marion Parnis, Carmel Zerafa, PN; Daniel Farrugia


3 PN – 2 PL

PN; Edward Said (Mayor), Eucharist Camilleri, Josef Frank Camilleri, PL; Joseph Vella, Jean Paul Portelli,

iz-Zejtun – LABOUR HOLD

PL 7 – PN 2

PL; Doris Abela (Mayor), Joan Agius, Stephania Fenech, Gesmond Baldacchino, Raymond Caruana, Dorcas Camilleri, Sean Chircop, PN; Amand Abela, Roderick Caruana


Labour wins St Paul’s Bay – CHANGE – LABOUR

PL 6 – PN 3

PL; Alfred Grima  (Mayor), Daryl Connor, Alfred Bray, Paul Bugeja, Mario Joseph Salerno, PN; Graziella Galea, Anne Marie Fenech, Anthony Delia


Results are coming in thick and fast now..


6 PL – 1 PN

PL: Josef Azzopardi, Joseph Scerri, Francis Debono, Colin Pace, Dominic Spencer and Joseph Lia. PN; Charmaine Aquilina

Iz-Zurrieq – LABOUR HOLD

7 PL – 2 PN

PL; Rita Grima (Mayor), Ignatius Farrugia, Joseph Damato, Kayden Schembri, Tiffany Farrugia, Marisa D’Amato, Kenneth Farrugia, PN; Kyle Mifsud, Dino Bonnici.

Santa Venera – LABOUR HOLD

4 PL – 3 PN

PL; Stephen Sultana (Mayor), Gianluca Falzon, Kursten Dimech, Silvio Vella, PN; Darren Carabott, Courtney Farrugia, Joe Vella.

Il-Xewkija – LABOUR HOLD

4 PL – 1 PN

PL; Hubert Saliba (Mayor), Paul Azzopardi, John Vella, Domenic Zerafa, PN; Jeanelle Attard.


5 PL – 2 PN

PL; Joseph Abela (Mayor), Darlene Zammit Vella, Neil Portelli, Thomas Debattista, Christian Pace, PN; Ismael Dalli, Anabelle Marama.


4 PL – 1 PN

PN; Kevin Cauchi (Mayor), Franco Clagura, Stephen Mercieca, Teddy Saliba, PL; Larry Buttigieg

Birżebbuġa – LABOUR HOLD

7 PL – 2 PN

PL: Joseph Farrugia (Mayor) , Scott Camilleri, Josette Busuttil, Sandro Alexander Caruana, Maria Mifsud, Carlo Stivala, Joseph Baldacchino, PN; Stanley Zammit, Doriana Portelli


6 PN – 3 PL

PL; Albert Buttigieg (Mayor), Guido Dalli, Patricia Camilleri, Clayton Luke Mula, Rita Portelli Dimech, Sean Gauci, PL; Dominic Adrian Ellul, John Martin Sultana, John Agius

According to Net News, Iklin and Fontana are held by the Nationalist Party.


3 PN – 2 PL

PN; Doreen Sciberras (named as Mayor), Yvonne Bartolo (named as Vice Mayor), Emanuel Zammit, PL; Bernice Farrugia, Godwin Catania.


3 PN – 2 PL

PN; Saviour Borg (Mayor), Josephine Camilleri, Carmel Farrugia, PL; Horace Micallef and Jonathan Cefai.


Mellieha has declared its 10 councillors for the locality and it looks like Labour will hold the council once again. LABOUR HOLD

PL; Dario Vella, John Francis Buttigieg, Rebecca Cutajar Bartolo, Annabella Stellini Brincat, Michael Kurt Buttigieg, PN; Ivan Castillo, Marvin Abela, Gabriel Micallef and Emvin Bartolo.


Here is the breakdown on the Valletta local council election.

PL; Alfred Zammit, Ray Azzopardi, Liam Pace, Jurgen Briffa, PN; Mark Lucas Spiteri, Vincent Fabri.

The Labour Party won by 1884 to 1632 votes to the Nationalists. Partit Demokratiku also won 37. (These numbers will be verified.)


Balzan’s local council remains blue with 1765 to the Nationalists compared to 680 for the Labour Party. NATIONALIST HOLD

PN: Ian Spiteri, Angelo Micallef, Stephen Gatt, Louise Mary Briffa, PL; Oliver De Gaetano.


Ta Xbiex is also staying a Labour led council. LABOUR HOLD

PL: Max Zammit, Rosario Portelli, Delana Calleja, PN: Louise Cachia Castelletti, Eugenio Muscat.



The Mqabba local council will also stay a Labour Party led council. LABOUR HOLD

PL: Omar Farrugia, Marie Grace Zerafa, Henry Zaffarese, PN; Jonathan Dingli, Owen Sciberras PN.


The results of Dingli are official. The local council will stay a Labour locality. LABOUR HOLD

Raymond Schembri, Sandro Azzopardi, Paul Mamo and Ryan Tanti take the PL seats. David Vassallo will represent the Nationalists.


Valletta Local Council is officially now under the Labour Party’s control. CHANGE – LABOUR


The adjudicators are telling the crowds to get back in order for those behind the perspex to continue counting.


Valletta Supporters are already getting excited about the result.

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi is among them.

The Prime Minister is already announcing the result that PL has won the locality. Valletta was formerly a Nationalist run council.


The results have been declared for Pembroke and it is set to return to Labour. LABOUR HOLD

The 5 councillors representing the locality will be Dean Hili PL, Omar Arab Elaref PL, Raymond Lanzon PL and the PN councillors Desiree Brincat Vella and Charles Cesare.

2,011 valid votes counted

336 quota to win a seat.




Results for the Valletta Local Council are almost ready to be declared.


Minister for Transport Ian Borg is seen discussing with Parliamentary Secretary Clint Camilleri.

Credit: Christoph Schwaiger

Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights Clint Camilleri, with Jason Micallef.


Credit: Christoph Schwaiger

A lot of people are interested in the Valletta vote result…


The local councils for Ghajnsielem, Iklin, Imqabba and Ta’ Xbiex are at an ‘advanced stage’ and expected to declare soon.


Images from the counting hall in Naxxar this evening.


Probable PL victory in St Paul’s Bay – sources

Miguela Xuereb

First results for the local council elections are expected imminently as the predictions for the PN seem increasingly dire. Observers in the political millieu are predicting a defeat ta the polls, even heavier than that suffered in the EP elections.

The results for the Valletta an the St Paul’s Bay Local Councils are of particular interest since the difference between the parties is particularly tenuous. Early indications from the counting hall point towards a Labour Victory in St Paul’s Bay. If the EP election trend persists and is mirrored in the local council elections, the net result could well be that the PN loses the majority representation in other localities. A pro-PL trend could also mean a PL win in Mosta, San Ġwann and Siggiewi.

Newsbook.com.mt’s sources noted that the  turnout for the Local Council election was 60.46%, substantially lower than the 72% who voted in the EP elections. The same sources said that it could be that a number of Nationalist voters decided to vote in the EP election to support Roberta Metsola and David Casa who were under constant attack from the PL and were not top of mind of the PN leadership. These same voters then decided to boycott the Local Council elections.

Local Council elections: Sorting and scanning in process

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Ghasri Local Council is the first declare tonight. NATIONALIST HOLD

The Gozitan Council will now be a Nationalist led council with 3PN local councillors and 2 Labour Councillors.

The Nationalists won by 185 to 158.

These are the candidates who were elected to Ghasri local council; PN; Daniel Attard, Salvu Felice Pace, Emanuel Mintoff, PL; Elizabeth Mintoff and Sammy Saliba.

Credit: Christoph Schwaiger

There was some tension just as the vote was announced…


Ballot boxes from 23 different localities in Malta and Gozo have been opened in the Naxxar Counting Hall to begin the process that should give the result of the Local Council elections held last Saturday. The electronic vote counting has been fine-tuned, after some teething problems notices last Sunday were identified and solutions adopted.

Party officials are in the Counting Hall taking note of the way votes are marked. This can give an unofficial result as well as serve as a counter-check of the electronic counting. The scanning process takes place after the votes are sorted.

If the voting trends are similar to those registered in the election for the European Parliament, it is expected that the Partit Nazzjonalista will lose control of a number of Local Councils in different localities.

The counting is being spread over three days: today Wednesday, tomorrow Thursday and on Friday.

The localities whose votes will be counted today are: Birżebbuġa, Għajnsielem, Ħad-Dingli, Ħal Balzan, Ħal Tarxien, Ħaż-Żebbuġ, Valletta, Fontana, Marsa, Mellieħa, Qrendi, Nadur,  Xewkija, Żejtun, Żurrieq, Għasri, Iklin, Imqabba, Pembroke, San Ġiljan, San Pawl il-Baħar, Santa Venera, u Ta’ Xbiex.

Newsbook.com.mt will keep you updated.